Last Updated 31 March 2004

The email address to contact Tickle My Nausea is Please direct all email to Jessica Letkemann or TMN to this email address. Thanks, -Jessica

Just drop me an if you need info, an update, or back issues. Meanwhile, I'd love it if you checked out my collaboration with two other PJ fans/editors: Two Feet Thick Heads Up! Tickle My Nausea has a new mailing address coming. It'll be posted here shortly. Still working on TMN #22. It's coming soon. If you have emailed TMN about an order you've placed, an address change, or about getting a free issue between November and February, please email the specifics again. A lot of TMN email has been lost due to a server error so it would help a lot for you to email again. thanks, Jessica. TMN #21 is now available! In it: a new TMN interview with PJ drummer Matt Cameron (woo hoo!) and his Wellwater co-conspirator John McBain! AND an interview with "Ten Club" Liz Burns who shot a large chunk of the DVD and was kind enough to talk about making it (and her experiences doling out the 2000 Ten Club tickets) with TMN! If you are a subscriber or specifically ordered #21 and you have not already recieved it (many have already been sent), it should reach you soon. If you ordered an issue in general (sent stamps, made a free issue request, or ordered "the latest") after August 1, you will recieve #21 unless you specifically asked for #20 (or anything along the lines of "the issue with all of the US tour shows transcribed"). If you sent a request or order before that and it's still pending, you will recieve #20. If according to all this you're going to get #20 and want #21 instead (or vice versa), just email and your order will be changed accordingly. Meanwhile, TMN #20 is also still available, if you want to order that one. It's centerpiece is a section called Whispers Through a Megaphone: every comment, every changed lyric, and every setlist of every one of the 47 2000 US tour shows (and great photos you haven't seen before). Plus other details like you wouldn't believe. Lots of other goodies too. Come and get it! MORE PDF files of goodies from TMN #14 have been added to the Archive. Feel free to explore my PJ Live Recordings List if you want to trade.

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