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what is tickle my nausea?

My name is Jessica and I've been a Pearl Jam fan for many years. Tickle My Nausea is the print Pearl Jam zine that I've started in the summer of 1995 (the first issue came out at the beginning of September 1995). Though you've made your way to this nifty web page, TMN is actually a quarterly ink-on-paper publication that you can order and recieve through snail mail.
I concieved this zine back in 1995 as an outlet for all of the Pearl Jam information, images, and art I had amassed; a way to organize and share a lot of the random Pearl Jam stuff in my life. It quickly evolved into a place for show reviews, exclusive interviews (PJ related, and three band members so far!), other fans sharing thoughts, news, and much more. TMN, therefore, thrives on the generosity and creativity of fellow PJ fans, so if you are interested in writing for TMN or contibuting photographs, please email me.
If you'd like to buy the current issue, click here for details. If you've never seen a copy of TMN and would like a free copy, click here for details. You may also want to check out the TMN Archive to read a sampling of articles published in TMN over the years and have a look at the covers of all of the issues.
A four issue subscription (which lasts for one year) costs $12 US. If you are interested in obtaining a subscription, pleaseemail me for an interim address. The new mailing address will be posted here shortly

For back issues, click here.

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