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Last updated 02 April 2002

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Fellow audio/video traders:
Audiowise, half of my collection is on cassette tape, with the other half on CD/CDr, and a few on video or vcd. I can dub the audio from any of these sources to minidisc or cassette. If you want to trade with me...
1. please use only high bias tapes or brand name CDRs.
2. along with the tape/cdr, please include a notation of the show's date, venue, city and a list of what songs are on the tape
3. please warn me sometime during the confirmation stage of the trade if there are any major flaws in the show(s) I ask for [i.e. parts missing or unlistenable]. I will do the same.
4. I will be glad to detail the sound quality and generation/source (if known) of any of the shows I have, I hope you can do the same.
5. Please let me know what class mail you prefer I send your shows as well as if I should include the cases.

Want Something From This List and Have Nothing to Trade?

I will be glad to tape any ONE show from my list for you if you: 1) send me a blank(s) (just enough to tape the show on) 2)include a self-addressed padded envelope with enough postage on it for me to mail the finished tapes/cds back to you 3) include a note that tells me your name, address, email address, and what show you want. Just email me to set this up. If the show that you request is one that you were at, I'd be interested (though this is optional) in you including with the blanks you send a note about that show: how it made you feel, what where the highlights for you personally for possible publication in TMN in the future.
Disclaimer: Please don't ask me to do more than one show. I can only handle so much, and I'd really like to be able to keep offering this service for as long as possible. Please don't ask me to do this more than once for you. Same reason. Please be patient. I may be able to mail your tape back to you within a few days, I may not be able to do it for a couple weeks depending on how busy my life gets. Email me if you have concerns.
- Jessica

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Side Projects:
Eddie Vedder
Jeff Ament
Matt Cameron
Mike McCready
Stone Gossard
Pre-PJ bands
Related Bands


Eddie Vedder
Vedder solo01.23.93Los AngelesPalladium/Rock For Choice
w/ Mike Watt04.20.95Nashville,TN328 Perf. Hall
w/ Mike Watt04.21.95Atlanta,GAMaqsquerade
w/ Mike Watt04.27.95New York,NYTramps
w/ Mike Watt04.28.95New York,NYTramps
w/ Mike Watt05.04.95Cleveland,OHAgora Theater
w/ Mike Watt05.06.95Chicago, ILThe MetroVID
w/ Mike Watt05.11.95SeattleKing TheaterVID
Hovercraft04.20.95Nashville,TN328 Performance Hall
Hovercraft04.21.95Athens,GA40 Watt Club
Hovercraft04.27.95New YorkTramps
Hovercraft04.28.95New YorkTramps
Hovercraft05.04.95Cleveland,OHAgora Ballroom
Vedder solo02.27.96New YorkLetterman [TV]VID
Vedder w/ friends12.04.96Rome,ItalyGoa ClubVID
w/ Pete Townshend06.14.97ChicagoHouse of Blues
w/ Neil Finn11.06.98Boston,MAKarma Club
w/ C Average06.13.99E.Troy,WIAlpine Valley/TFCCDR
w/ C Average06.25.99Los AngelesThe PalladiumCDR
w/ C Average06.26.99Encinitas,CALa Paloma(late set)
w/ C Average07.14.99Olympia,WA510 Columbia
w/ Pete Townshend07.28.99New YorkEd Sullivan Theater(Letterman)[uncut]vgs
w/ Pete Townshend07.28.99New YorkSupper Club
w/ Pete Townshend07.29.99ChicagoHouse of Blues
w/ C Average11.12.99ChicagoHouse of Blues
w/ C Average11.13.99ChicagoHouse of Blues
w/ The Who11.27.00LondonRoyal Albert HallCDR+DVD
w/ Neil Finn & friends04.05.01Auckland, New ZealandSt.James TheatreCDr
w/ Ben Harper04.11.01Sydney,AustraliaIndependant TheatreCDR
Vedder solo02.26.02Los AngelesWiltern TheaterCDR
Vedder solo03.15.02Los AngelesAll Tomorrow's Parties/Royce Hall/UCLACDR

Jeff Ament
Three Fish 07.13.96New YorkMercury Lounge
Three Fish07.17.96New OrleansHowlin' Wolf
Three Fish06.04.99DetroitShelter
Three Fish06.11.99New YorkWetlands

Matt Cameron
Wellwater Conspiracy05.04.01New YorkIrving Plaza
Wellwater Conspiracy05.05.01Hoboken,NJMaxwell's

Mike McCready
Mad Season04.29.95SeattleMoore Theatervgs
Rockfords07.20.00Seattle Crocodile CafeVID
w/Jodie Watts07.21.00SeattleGibson'svgs
Rockfords09.15.00SeattleShowbox [sb]CDR

Stone Gossard
10.31.94SeattleCrocodile Cafe
Brad 07.15.97New YorkSupper Club
Brad10.22.97Austin,TXLiberty Lunch
Brad10.24.97Los AngelesHouse of Blues
Brad10.29.97Vancouver,BCThe Starfish Room
Brad09.03.01SeattleShow Breakroom


ShadowMcCready1984?Local TV footage of showSeattleVID
Deranged DictionAment04.??.82Missoula,MT??MD
Deranged DictionAment05.31.82Missoula,MT??MD
Deranged DictionAment1983?Missoula,MT?No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules!(?)
Green RiverAment/Gossard07.01.84Seattle(house party)
Green RiverAment/Gossard??...Demos
Green RiverAment/Gossard1985...Demos
Green RiverAment/Gossard1985Seattle1st Mixes
Green RiverAment/Gossard1985?SeattleKCMU showVID
Green RiverAment/Gossard??Los AngelesRainbow Club
Green RiverAment/Gossard06.02.86Seattle??
Green RiverAment/Gossard07.10.87Bremerton, WA??
Green RiverAment/Gossard10.24.87Los AngelesThe Scream
Mother Love BoneAment/Gossard08.11.88SeattleKent Skate RingVID
Mother Love BoneAment/Gossard11.17.88?Seattle???MD
Mother Love BoneAment/Gossard12.10.88SeattleCentral TavernVID
Mother Love BoneAment/Gossard??.??.8?????VID
Mother Love BoneAment/Gossard03.31.89Providence,RIThe Living RoomMD
Mother Love BoneAment/Gossard04.28.89Los AngelesClub With No Name[1song]VID
Mother Love BoneAment/Gossard12.29.89?Seattle???VID
Bad RadioVedder1989...Demos
Bad RadioVedder??.??.89San Diego??

Bands Related to PJ
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]11.05.95San Juan Capistrano,CA??
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]03.07.96????
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]05.17.96 SeattleThe Weathered Wall
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]06.20.96 Hoboken,NJMaxwell's
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]06.21.96 New YorkConey Island High
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]06.25.96TorontoHorseshoe
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]06.27.96Cincinnati,OHSudsy Malone's
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]11.05.96 Groningen,HollandVera
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]07.11.97New YorkKnitting Factory
Hovercraft [w/D.Krusen]07.20.97Austin,TXEmo's
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]09.19.98 Washington DCDAR Constitution Hall
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]11.05.98New YorkKnitting Factory
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]11.28.98Los AngelesTroubador
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]12.02.98Santa Cruz,CAPalookaville
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]12.03.98San FranciscoBottom of the Hill
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]02.25.99Bellingham,WAW. Washington Unvrsty
Hovercraft[w/Dash11]05.19.99Zurich, SwitzerlandRote FabrikCDR
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]07.14.99Olympia,WACapitol Theater
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]07.13.00New YorkWooster Grp Perf. GarageVID
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]07.14.00New YorkWooster Grp Perf. GarageMD
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]07.15.00New YorkWooster Grp Perf. GarageMD
Hovercraft [w/Dash11]07.16.00New YorkWooster Grp Perf. GarageDAT
Mudhoney03.01.99New YorkBowery Ballroom
Mudhoney03.02.99Hoboken, NJMaxwell's

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