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Tickle My Nausea #10
Summer 1998

Book Shelf

Occasionally, the members of Pearl Jam mention what books they've been reading. Back in '92, Eddie mentioned Rilke's Letter To a Young Poet and Edward Albee's Monkeywrench Gang to a writer from Details. In '93, somebody from Rolling Stone found him talking about something called The Eloping Angels. And Ed posed for a picture in Spin in late '94 with an Umberto Eco tome. But never at one time have PJ been so open letting us in on what their reading. Heres a look:
Jeff has been very into The Master & Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, which apparently influenced him in writing the song "Pilate" as the novel includes a sub-plot about a writer who's book is about Pontius Pilate. Bulgakov is a reknowned Russian writer whose works have been translated into many languages. Jeff mentioned reading this book to Spin.
The entire band heartily recommends Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, so much so that the most recent fan club contest involves reading the book and then creating a piece of art based on it. The band pretty much said they passed it around while recording Yield and that it influenced them quite a bit. The story is of an intellegent ape who becomes the teacher of a human through a personals ad. The meat of the novel is a series of searching conversations in which the ape and the man discuss human beings' place in the world.
Eddie metioned reading How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century in the same Spin article that Jeff talked about the Bulgakov novel. 21st, written by Michio Kaku, is a series of quite plausable meditations and thoughts about where technology might lead, as the title suggests, in the approaching new century.


Pearl Jam and/or it's members have been mentioned in more than a few songs by bands and musicians both ultra-rare and fairly well known. Here's just a sample:
Local H released the song "Eddie Vedder" as a single in 1997.A completely unknown rock/spoken-word troupe called Bongo Fury had a track called "Pearl Jam Bought My Hair" -- in which the poet/singer does a memorably funny impression of Eddie singing "Even Flow" -- on their self released album in 1993.
San Diego local favorites The Rugburns released the song "Me and Eddie Vedder" as a single from their 1994 album Morning Wood. A band called The Elevator Drops use Eddie's name as part of the refrain in their song "Right Back Home" from thier 1997 album People Mover.

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