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Theater of The Living Arts
July 11, 1996

by Jill Creedon (the half-intellegent fish)

The five of us arrived at the Theater of The Living Arts around 5:30pm or so (the show started around 8pm and the doors opened at 7pm). We stood in front of the TLA for about 10 minutes. Three Fish's tour bus parked right out front. Jeff and Robbie walked past us, we waved and said "Hi." Jeff said "Hi" back. After eating , my friend Liz and I met Jeff...He's a really nice guy if you guys didn't know that already. Later standing in line (ok, first in line), we saw Jeff, Robbi, Richard, and Cary walking around then going intl the TLA. The guy who works at TLA opened the door so we could hear the soundcheck. They played "All Messed Up," "Lovley Meander," and "Secret Palce." Our friend Oliver hadn't bought a ticket yet, so we went up to the counter to get it and the ticket lady said "Only one?" She was really rude about it. I guess the TLA didn't even sell half of their tickets.
Around 7:15pm, they let us in. the five of us went right up to the stage. George Webb, richard, and some roadies were setting up. Richard jumped off the stage and came up to us and asked "What are you guys doing here so early?" I told him that we are big 3 Fish fans and he smiled. George Webb started tuning Jeff's bass in front of us. We talked to him and other people around us . The place starts to pick up more people as time creeps on. About 95% of the crowd had on some type of Pearl Jam shirt. Most of 'em were very loud and rude. I felt so bad for Jeff, Robbi, Richard and Cary.
At 8pm, the opening band Gus came on and people moved around. He was pretty good. He played about 6 songs except for the technical problems with his amp during one tune. While they were setting up for 3 Fish, the band walked in and out. Jeff was getting swarmed so he went backstage (good for him.)
Around 9:50, Three Fish came on. They started with "Silence At The Bottom." It was very good. Jeff played guitar and Robbi played bass. It was cool to see Jeff play guitar. Next song was "Lovley Meander," which is one of my favorites. Some loser from the crowd kept yelling "Eddie, Eddie" I just wanted to kill him. After the song, Robbi said something like "Eddie isn't here, so quit asking for him." It was funny. Next came "Song for a dead girl." It was weird to see Jeff sing. "Solitude" came next, a very pretty song as you know. Jeff played the djembe. After that, Robbie introduced himself and then Richard and then Jeff. Some guy booed and yelled "Jeff sucks." That made us all mad. Richard then said, "Yeah, Thanks Jeff." Then he adds "He's our best friend." Then the loser in the crowd who was screaming for Eddie goes "What did you say?" Richard sarcastically repeated himself. Jeff then replied "I want to thank these guys for putting up with my shit."
"Laced" was played, then "Strangers In My Bed." Robbi had these bells that hewaved all over. At one point he had them over my head and I swear I thought he was gonna hit me accidentally. Since "Strangers" is really soft and slow, it was easier to hear things. Well, this asshole in the back of the place starts yelling that it was hard to hear what Robbi was singing. Richard and Jeff were facing each other and they started laughing. I later found out from Robbi that he and Jeff were laughing because that song is about interuptions.
Then they did "Build." Then "All Messed Up," another of my favorites. When Robbi said the next song wat their last, I was shocked because the show had gone so fast! The last song was "Zabreb."
They left the stage, but came back to do an encore consisting of "Here In The Darkness," "I Dig A Pony" by the Beatles, and a Neil Young song whose chorus was "What about me?" After they left the stage, we were all forced out by this guard. we went outside and for the next two hours, we hung out with the band.


copyright 1996 Tickle My Nausea / J. Creedon